While Tiki is the most full featured, there is no shortage of other wiki clones.

The canonical list is available at WikiEngines at C2

Ones to watch:

  • TWiki — The most impressive "pure" wiki out there. Perl, but amazingly powerful Link
  • WakkaWiki — Getting more and more popular. No page delete as of Oct. 3, 2003. Strong competition to PhpWiki. Link
  • WikkiTikkiTavi — Popular PHP wiki, active development. Link

Here is a short list of others:

  • coWiki — Cool ideas, requires PHP 5 Link
  • ASPWIki — A simple ASP script for a simple wiki Link
  • Bloki — A site hosting wikis, attempts to integrate blogs, forums Link
  • Blue Oxen Associates: PurpleWiki — A modified version of UseMod with "Purple numbers", Perl Link
  • cwick — A heavily modified UseMod wiki, Perl Link
  • Dolphin Wiki — Easy to use, Perl, cannot rollback (as of Oct 3.2003) Link
  • Eddies Wiki — Completely self-contained wiki in c++; includes its own web server! Windows only. Link
  • ErfurtWiki — A single script PHP wiki, can be embedded in other CMS systems. Handles Plugins, Images. Link
  • Fitnesse — A stand-alone wiki and test harness. Lots of emphasis on refactoring. Java. Link
  • Noodle — ASP Wiki in VBScript for IIS. Can store in Access or filesystem. Link
  • JassWiki — ASP Wiki based on Dolphin. Link
  • JSPWiki — Supports categories. Java (duh) and Servlets. Relatively popular among the java crowd. Link
  • KeheiWiki — Powerful by obtuse Link
  • langreiter.com Vanilla — Interesting mix of Blog and Wiki, emphasizing "snips" as content units. Rebol (don't ask). Link
  • MediaWiki — the Phase III wiki of WikiPedia. Way back when, they used a heavily modified PhpWiki, but now use their own code. Link
  • MoinMoin — Popular Python wiki, based on PikiPiki. Link
  • Apache::MiniWiki — Perl module for embedding or hosting a wiki Link
  • OpenWiki — Relatively powerful ASP based wiki Link
  • OddMuse — Perl based wiki used by EmacsWiki. Link
  • Pepys — A single user Wiki in Windows for free, pay for collaboration Link
  • PhpWiki — a very popular wiki in PHP. Development has slowed down, but still a very well put together implementation. Link
  • PmWiki — PHP wiki, some clever touches, active development by author Link
  • Prowiki — A commercial wiki (can you believe it?) Link
  • PWP Wiki Processor — PHP powered Wiki using flat files as data storage, built to run on cheap web packages Link
  • QwikiWiki — Simple PHP Wiki Link
  • SnipSnap — Based on Vanilla, a Snip based Blog/Wiki in Java. Some clever ideas here Link
  • Friki — Small Java wiki, needs a servlet container Link
  • Perki — Supports categories, user permissions, document versioning. Perl. Link
  • Spinner Wiki — Spinoff of Dolphin, Perl Link
  • Swiki --Wiki implementation running under Squeak and Comanche Link
    • also check out Project Swiki, a beta version that allows for text and high-end dynamic media. Link
  • KwikiKwiki — Perl and easy, but no diffing! Link
  • UseMod — One of the original Perl wikis, and still one of the most popular Link
  • VeryQuickWiki — Java and servlets. Link
  • Wiki! --Compact flat-file PHP wiki system, supporting full templating, user logins and revision history Link

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