I stopped this project. I think this was a powerfull little thing, but way too difficult too use, even when you've written it: too many layers frown . Anyway, I came on a better idea, __have a look at my wiki plugins for db interface : WikiPluginsDb.

General Project Info

Wxcvbn (pronounce Picasso biggrin) is a system which provides some very high level access to databases. The goal is to provide an interface to write db interfaces (!), kind of visually confused. It is difficult to explain what it does right now, but I can give a couple of features/examples :

  • You define some actions, which tell Wxcbn how to access some data (=make a query).
  • You define links from these actions. e.g. : if you made an action which displays all employees of your enterprise, you can define a 1D link, named details, which will fire up the view_employee_details action. Same for edit or anything else.
  • The interface to Wxcvbn itself is written using Wxcvbn cool
  • It is surprisingly light : ± 200 lines of php code right now...

Project Status

  • It is usable, but I feel improvement is needed... Documentation, more features. Anyone is welcome to help.
  • The engine is 90% ready, but we need to define more actions (edit form, ...).

Details/Try Out

  • Just unpack the .tar in tiki main directory. Beware though, it was developped in Tiki 1.7.5 (I should upgrade, but I had to adapt some scripts for sso, and I didn't port it to 1.8.1 yet). It should run fairly well on Tiki 1.8, but you should move Smarty plugins to the right directory, I think.
  • Run the SQL script.
  • Follow WxcvbnTutorial to see an example of using it to manage Tiki users.

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