See also About Tiki Teams. The list is split between technical (developers, sysadmins, etc.) and non technical (power users, translators, writers, etc.) and as you can see, there are more non-technical teams, so plenty of opportunities for you to get involved even if you are not a techie!

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Tiki Admin Group

The Tiki Admin Group is responsible for governance, overall coordination and all the rest including whatever that might fall between the cracks biggrin.

Non-Technical teams

i18n (translations)

i18n Team is everything related to language strings, translations and localizations (l10n) and increase the number of languages in Tiki.

Wishlist Triage (bug reports, feature requests)

The Wishlist Triage Team reviews patches, bug reports and feature requests and prioritizes and categorizes them. They just triage but don't fix. They identify potential contributors and encourage them to go beyond bug reporting. Team leader: luciash d' being 🧙

Configuration Profiles

The Configuration Profiles Team is responsible to produce a great first impression and useful out-of-the box solutions for site admins. Maintaining profiles for use cases, a coherent admin panel, and sensible defaults.


The Documentation Team has the challenge of maintaining documentation for what Tiki does, hundreds of features, over 1000 pages, and a new major release every 8 months!


The Analytics Team is responsible for everything to do with stats, big data, etc. both in Tiki the software and Tiki as a community.

Video Authoring

The Video Authoring Team involves everything to do with videos in Tiki, e.g. interviews, how-to instructional videos, etc..

The Legal Team handles everything to do with copyrights, licenses, etc. for content and software and helps the Tiki Software Community Association.


The Fundraising Team handles everything to do with donations, advertising and sponsors for the Tiki Software Community Association.


The Finance Team handles everything to do with accounting, and managing the assets of the Tiki Software Community Association (Ex.: domain names)

Consulting Ecosystem

The Consulting Ecosystem Team is all about fostering healthy growth of the network of companies that conduct business using/around Tiki, which includes increasing the number of full-time Tiki consultants and making it easier for potential Tiki users to find the right consultants / service providers in the Tiki community to meet their needs.

Community Building

The Community Building Team focuses on making Tiki better as a community, and coordinates all efforts related to user support, volunteers coordination, welcoming new users, TikiFests, Webinars, etc.


The Dogfood Team ensures that all * sites are configured and working well, according to the software engineering principle of "Eating your own dog food". Team leaders: luciash d' being 🧙 and Roberto Kirschbaum


The Branding Team involves market analysis, brand management and providing community tools for a coherent and efficient message.


The Communications Team is responsible primarily for our external message (press releases, newsletters, social media, etc.)

Branding vs communications vs community building vs dogfood

We spun off Branding Team from Communications Team as a separate team. There is also an overlap with the Community Building Team. And more recently, a Dogfood Team was added. The following table provides some insight on the differences.

Publishing official News about Tiki Communications Team
Our official presence on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Communications Team
Generally promoting Tiki on social media Community Building
Posting articles about Tiki on your own blog/site Community Building
For people to have a good impression when they visit Branding
For people to understand what we do Branding
Developing a style guide for visual and textual communication Branding
To have lots of traffic and good SEO Communications Team can coordinate but everyone can help
Answering people's queries on * (content) Community Building Team
Making sure * is optimally configured (config) Dogfood Team

Technical Teams


The Release Team is about managing the process to achieve timely releases of Tiki, and coordinating throughout the community as almost all Teams should participate actively to each release. A balance needs to be maintained: "Don't rush, yet don't slow down". See all the Contributions of each Team to the release process.


The Packaging Team involves making Tiki easily deployable on various platforms and 1-click installers.


The Infrastructure Team is responsible for * hosting, server administration, domains, uptime, etc. AKA: devops, sysadmin.


The Security Team is a trusted group. This team is responsible to review security reports and to proceed to a pro-active audit at each major release. Security Team members are added by vote by the Admins following recommendations of current members.


The Performance Team is interested in high-performance and high availability of Tiki. Tiki should not cause performance bottlenecks on shared hosting, should have options to allow it to be used in highly scalable clustered environments, and high-availability configurations.

User Experience (UX) & Themes

The UX and Themes Team is responsible to make Tiki look good and be enjoyable to use for visitors and content creators, and coordinates theme development.

Continuous Integration

The Continuous Integration Team focuses on all automation aspects to catch bugs early and to keep the quality high (unit tests, etc.)


The Developers Team are the umbrella group responsible to make Tiki better as an application. Please see how to get commit access.