Documentation Team

The Documentation Team has the challenge of maintaining documentation for what Tiki does, hundreds of features, over 1000 pages, and a new major release every 8 months!

Release responsibilities

  1. Update Features list & ratings
  2. Make doc:Tiki11 nice
  3. Make sure basic docs are updated (Requirements, Download, Backup, Install, Upgrade and Initial Config, etc.)
  4. Run Preferences report
  5. Make sure all new features have at least a stub.
  6. Make an .odt and .pdf version of the current documentation for stable releases.


  • On doc.tiki.org, print version of pages have the full license tagged on, which is a waste of paper. Just replace with a link and perhaps a short plain English license. Marc turned off the feature completely but it could be nicer to at least have a little note with the license name.


Migrate any & all relevant FAQ information to Wiki pages

Implement a feedback mechanism

Workflow concept

  • User can rank between 1 & 5 stars
  • If user ranked 1 or 2 then he is asked to answers a few multiple choice questions as to why the page was not up to par
  • We then have a separate dashboard that shows the community that top 10 doc pages based on rank and the bottom 10 pages based on rank. We can therefore focus on the bottom 10 worst pages
  • Once the page is modified and we feel it is better, a notification can be sent to those who ranked the page poorly asking them to come and comment again and let us know if we were able to solve their issue.
  • this workflow solves 2 things
    • Allows us to focus our energy on pages that have been clearly identified as sub par
    • Allows us to engage users who have taken time to contribute to the community.



  • Maintain doc.tiki.org