Tiki Doc Usage

This is a cross-project with the Analytics Team and Documentation Team


  • Determine how folks are using the Tiki Documentation site, if it is meeting their needs, and where to focus our future effort



  • Reviewing Google analytics for doc site
  • Reviewing Tiki page hits & search queries
  • Implementing "Was this useful" per-page


  • As soon as we have enough people to make this happen

What are the types of questions we want answered?

  • How are people arriving at specific doc pages?
    • Via Google/other search engines? What queries being used?
    • Via the Help button in Tiki pages?
    • Via other sources?
  • How are people navigating throughout the doc site?
    • Can we use a forced browse path to help?
    • Doe we need a more focused entry point? Or is search enough?
  • What are the top queries (via the doc-site search)?
    • Can we improve user experience by using alias or directed searches?
    • Possible dog-food future search-based enhancements (e.g., findability) for Tiki Search
  • What are the top doc-site referrers? Can we use/partner with them as doc providers/maintainers?
  • What are the most "popular" (i.e., most used) doc pages?
    • Does this reflect a poor-usability with a specific feature?
    • Helps Doc team focus resources on specific pages.

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