Legal Team

The Legal Team handles everything to do with copyrights, licenses, etc. for content and software and helps the Tiki Software Community Association.

Release responsibilities

  • Check the licenses of all newly included or updated code.


Tasks (do and cross out)

  • Assist for Tiki Software Community Association administrative setup.
  • Gather/manage all the official paper work of the association (Incorporation, etc.)
  • Write up privacy policy
  • Write up Terms of Service
  • Write up a confidentiality agreement
    • When someone gets admin access to tiki.org (and even more when it's a dump of the data), we would want a confidentiality agreement.


Tiki footer emails say: "Tiki®, TikiWiki®, and the Tiki logo are registered trademarks of the Tiki Software Community Association.", but I am pretty sure the logo is not covered. Do we keep or change this sentence?


Ongoing responsibilities


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