How to administrate Tiki from inside Tiki, when install is complete and correct



Question: I want to generally allow registered users write access to wiki, but still need to restrict write to admin only on many pages. is it better to do this by assigning perms, or by locking pages I want to restrict?
Answer:  mose assigning perms is better
Question: Are the backups TikiWiki creates, encrypted or compressed?
Answer:  The backups are encrypted using the admin password - makes things awkward for disaster recovery - you need to make _sure_ the admin password is set the same. Alternatively use mysqldump to create your own unencrypted backups.
Question: How do I modfy way a page is displayed in Tiki?
Answer:  TikiWiki provides a way for users to modify the templates via the browser. Check under your Admin for a link that says Edit Templates. Browse the list of templates to your target template. I would recommend that you copy paste the the original to some place safe and then edit bit by bit till you get the desired results. I have three maybe four brower windows open while doing this plus a text editor.
Question: I've noticed sometimes the number of online users jumps high, is this a bug?
Answer:  No, more likely it is a bot spidering your site. IP logging has been suggested for future releases of Tiki for 'real user' tracking.
Question: How do I link to a Blog or a Tracker from a Wiki?
Answer:  Easy, use the tiki-view-blog?blogid=n
Question: I want users to create their own user pages and send Tiki messages... How do I do that?
Answer:  Check the Wiki admin page under the admin features and then remember to set the permissions for the registered users to post messages and edit pages.
Question: I've changed the login settings (LDAP or SSL only), and now can't log in.
Answer:  The settings are in the tiki_preferences table in your tiki database. You will have to manually browse and set the preferences.
Question: If I wished for my users to be able create a tracker item, but not to be able to see what others created, what rights should I deal out?
Answer:  At this time, none. This is an ongoing issue with the permissions structure of Tiki. Great progress is being made towards that end but the feature you seek is not in place yet. Setting view and edit perms is a feature that is wanted as much as it is difficult.
Question: I've changed something and can't find the login area anymore! What do I do?
Question: My users have lost their passwords... how can I as admin provide a new one for them?

Use the change password page tiki-change_password.php.
Fill Username with the name of the user you want to change password, Old password with "admin-" + the admin password (not of a user with admin privs, must be the user called admin) and New password with what you want the password to be.
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Question: Login problem : I accidently removed the column with my login module in Admin --> features Now I don't know how to login, how do I recover from this situation?

You must manually access the page to login, tiki-login_scr.php.
Now you'll want to put the modules you left in a disactivated column in the other one from tiki-admin_modules.php.
If you disabled both columns then you'll have to activate one from tiki-admin.php?page=features.

Question: How can anonymous users set their language?
Answer:  While registered users can change their languages on their User Preferences page, anonymous users can only use the a language switching module if the administrator of the Tiki uses it.
Question: I'm using (insert your current CMS here). Is there a conversion script for my CMS so that I can use TikiWiki?
Answer:  Currently, TikiWiki only has a conversion script for PhpWiki. However, if you would like to help us out, because we get a lot of requests for this!, please contact the dev list or come over to irc:freenode/tikiwiki.
Question: I lost the admin password

1) with phpMyAdmin or equivalent
- in the table users_users check that the admin user has a correct email
- in tiki_preferences set forgotPass to 'y'
- from the tikisite, goto 'I forgot my password' from the login box or go the the url tiki-remind_password.php
and send the password to admin
2) with phpMyAdmin or equivalent, you can also change the password directly in the database
- in in the table users_users set the hash to md5('adminadmin')
or update users_users set hash=md5('adminadmin') where login='admin';
Better to change the admin password interactively after to be sure all the information in the database are correctly set
3) write a little php program. Ex test.php you place in the tiki root directory

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<?php include_once('tiki-setup.php'); $userlib->change_user_password('the_login', 'the_new_password');

and execute it http://my_domain.com/test.php

Question: I messed up with the code in site identity and now I have a smarty error
Answer:  Change in the database table tiki_preferences, feature_sitemycode or feature_sitead to the value 'n' if the names exist
Question: How I can manage multiple domain with one tikiwiki db ?

In tikiwiki1.10, add the following to each local.php:
$db_table_prefix - base table prefix
$common_users_table_prefix - common "users" prefix

Question: I deleted admin and I have no other admin account

In the database do
insert into users_users (login, email, hash) values('admin', 'me@me.com', md5('adminpassword'))

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