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from 1.9 RC2 to This is Tiki v1.9 DR (Developer Release) 4 (CVS)

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Hi there,
I'm trying to update my site from tiki 1.9RC2 to 1.9RC4 but I have some errors because there are missing some tables (e.g. tiki_newsletter_groups) or in some cases only some fields in some of the tables (e.g. lastModif in tiki_files or scale in tiki_galleries_scales).

Is there any way to convert the DB from one release to the other?

Thanks in advance

Luis Pedro

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Run mysql -u user -ppassword database -f < db/tiki_1.8to1.9.sql
You will see a lot of errors but it is ok. The script adds the missing tables... . the script must be run at each upgrade of 1.9 until the first 1.9 release.

posts: 46 Portugal

Hi Sylvie,
Thanks for the info. It really worked!



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