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Features / Usability

Forum thread page not displaying anymore

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Tiki 1.8.5
I'm having trouble displaying a Forum thread - all I get is the top bar and the left column, nothing else (not even an error message or the bottom bar).

The rest of my Tiki is working well, Wiki, Trackers and the whole kabooz. Mind you, this is not the first Tiki I installed, but I'm thumped here.

I've already re-uploaded the tiki_view_forum_thread.php and tiki_view_forum_thread.tpl files, but no change.
Could this be due to an 8M memory limit?

TIA for all hints

posts: 35 Switzerland

Found the problem - not enough memory cry
FWIW, boosted memory_limit to 32M (ini_set in tikilib.php, couldn't do otherwise due to ISP).

Now everything's fine biggrin