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Hi Kwow:

Create or edit a page here at tw.o (your userpage, for instance) and play with the feature with already created TikiSheets, such the one in the example.

Then, try to reproduce it in your localhost (or your server). Then, you'll know what Tikisheets really do and doesn't do, and what you are getting out of it (you might have differnret permissions on your tiki in your server, etc.)

> In the ))Tikisheet(( gallery, I do not see the id column and so unable to identify the id?? I'm using 1.9.0, so its that something that I forgot to set??

Click on a link to a tikisheet from the table from

(there are not id's shown directly at the table, onlyu at url's). for instance, the one about LOCs:


Get the "id" from the url at the borwser, for instance.

> Still, I have created one trial sheet (so I am assumed that it is id=1), but I still cannot get it to display like what I see from your posting...rolleyes All I can see is the Edit Sheet Link.
check that the tikisheet has content, that you have the adequate permissions on your tiki, etc. I don't know what to suggest for the little infromation about your problem. Add urls or screenshots of your trouble.
> Any idea why to my 2 questions....thanks.
> --kwow