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what characters are NOT ALLOWED in tikiwiki pagenames

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Hello everyone,

What characters are NOT ALLOWED in page names, e.g. is "Help! How do I ..." a valid page name or is "Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)" valid?


It appears that people can create pages with some special characters but they might cause other things to break e.g. renaming the page.


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Yes some characters are forbidden for security reasons - some others can be bugged too ... I don't know why these characters were forbidden. Need to ask mose . It is delicate to change the security check
If you want you can change the list in :

$patterns['string']  = "/^[^\";#]*$/"; // find, and such extended chars
$vartype['page'] = 'string';

Better to look in the code for the real list - another bug

These characters give back an "invalid varaible value"
Other ones can be bugged. It will be interesting to establish the list.