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HELP_ user renamed page to include ~~# and urgently need to retrieve the page

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We have an enthusastic bunch of users and one of them decided he wanted a different coloured title and tried to reanem the page

His page is now called

and it produces the following error when edited

Invalid variable value : page = ~~#000099:ConnectED~~

He has quite a bit of information on the page and readily admits that he caused the problem but he is DESPERATE to get the information back

How can I obtain the information? How can I find the page ID for the page so I can retreive it with

Any assistance will be gratefully accepted.


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The page might have been saved with the name "~~". What happens if you try "tiki-index.php?page=~~"?

You could activate "Show page ID" on the Admin > Wiki page to get the page ID if the page can be retrieved.

You could go directly to your Tiki database (using phpMyAdmin or another client), to the tiki_pages table to get his page content.

-- Gary - zukakakina.com