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Architecture / Installation

Dynamic variables not working in Tiki 1.9.7?

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Hi, all,

I'm not being able to get dynamic variables to work for me in a fresh Tiki 1.9.7 instance. Is something more necessary than just using the dynamic variable markup? When using that, the saved page includes a literal dynamic variable rather than the expected link for editing the variable. Documentation on using dynamic variables seems mighty slim. I'd be happy to add to the documentation if someone can tell me what I am missing.

Thanks in advance.

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I guess the documentation is slim because there isn't much to say. (I assume you read http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Dynamic+Variable already.) Normally it just works, when you use the %dynamic variable% syntax. If it doesn't work at your site, maybe there's a problem with either the Tiki installation or the the syntax that is being used.

-- Gary