Tikiwiki.org home page suggestion (like letter to the editor)

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I think the Tikiwiki.org home page needs to be somewhat more descriptive than its present descriptions by naming other things. Particularly because I don't think multilingual message text is "like Babel Fish".

* Wikis: Articles which many people can edit (like Wikipedia)
* Forums: Structured bulletin boards (like phpBB)
* Blogs: Sequentially published items (like WordPress)
* Articles: Publish articles on web site (like Digg)
* Image Gallery: Collection of images (like Flickr)
* Map Server: Your maps online (like Google Maps)
* Link Directory: Categorized link descriptions (like DMOZ)
* Multilingual: Site messages in several languages
* Bug tracker: Issue reporting (like Bugzilla)
* Free source software: Program code is available (LGPL)

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The original thought was to include the names of the other items to increase Tiki's relevancy on searches for those items. As for the use of Babelfish, Tiki does include a Babelfish feature. If you have other ideas or suggestions, please consider joining the Promo Squad to help improve the TW home page. biggrin


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I suppose that makes sense if people are looking for something similar to something which I know. But similies don't work when people don't know what is being referred to; many people looking at our home page are probably puzzled by some of the items and thus don't know the features which we're trying to sell. I've passed through Digg but had to look at it to figure out its relevance to "Articles" for the above list.

And I'm not finding the Babelfish-like multilingual translation tool on the Features page. Is that also available in the Chat tool? Translating discussions would explain why it uses many resources.

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I see, Babelfish can be used to translate what is on a page. But that does not make TikiWiki "like" Babelfish. A feature "like" Babelfish would provide multilingual translation without using Babelfish. And editing language.php is not "like Babelfish".