Can't see all the Features

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The Features page only shows some of the "Content Features" table, but clicking on the "2" to access the next page of features does not work. The URL does change to include an offset but the table does not change.


I saw mention of interuser Chat over in a Permissions list, so know a Chat tool does exist. But people shopping for a CMS can't tell that Chat is available because it does not happen to be on the first page of Features.

(On the other hand, I'm wondering what email support exists. Private email "email this user" service? I found mention of a Webmail POP3 client. Haven't found a description of external email tools.)

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Thank you. I removed the pagination.

M ;-)

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Thanks, that's better. Want to look at the default sorting which is mentioned? For that matter, if clicking on a column is supposed to do sortation it doesn't seem to.