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Having different 'categorised' pages in one Structure

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Hi - I'm trying to create some help pages for a group of users that each have different permissions so the 'depth' of help that they need is different. Ideally I would like to manage this as a single Structure and limit access for each Group to only those pages that are relevant to them.

To try to do this I have set up an appropriate set of hierarchical Categories and have started to build the Structure with a toc added to each page - adding further child pages for more in-depth help and categorising these deeper pages to the appropriate Groups.

This works at a basic level ie permission is denied appropriately, but the problem I am having is that when logged in as a user with 'lesser' permissions and therefore in a 'lower' Category the toc's on each page still show the pages that are in higher Categories. In addition the Structure navigation tools at the top of the page click through to (or at least try to) the pages this 'lesser' user cannot access.

Is there a more elegant way of using tocs and Structures with pages in multiple Categories so that each Categorised user only sees the toc'd pages they have access to, and the Structure navigation skips pages denied to them?

If Tiki cannot do this at present (I'm using 2.0) does anyone else think this would be a useful Feature - if so I would like to add it to the Wish List.

Would appreciate any/all thoughts.



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This is a great question Geoff. I'm sure there's more than one way to skin a cat as they saying goes and some of the more experienced users might have better, cleaner ideas to achieve what you're trying to do.

Off the top of my head, while not the best approach it might get close to what you want and be relatively easy to do. Perhaps you could consider the use of the "GROUP" plugin, which hides or displays text according to what user group the current user is part of. I've taken the sample code directly from the Wiki page help below:

{GROUP(groups=>Admins|Developers)}wiki text{GROUP}
{GROUP(notgroups=>Developers)}wiki text for other groups{GROUP}

So you'd still have to create all pages under the structure for all users, it's just that different users would see different things. I agree that if it's possible, categories is probably the cleaner way to go but I don't have any experience of limiting individual pages within the structure to different user groups. Perhaps someone else can point you in the right direction.

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Thanks - I hadn't thought of that - and it certainly allows me to get a "1st edition" of my help pages done and to keep moving forward.

The one slight inflexibility is that I still cannot have individual pages that are exclusive to a particular Group since they will show up in the Structure. In other words I always have to have some content in every page that is 'useful' for the 'lowest' access Group.

I'd be really interested if there are any other thoughts on this and whether anyone else thinks the suggested functionality is worth adding to the Wish List.

Thanks again for the help


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Having you tried overriding the global permissions on the individual Wiki pages? So you can restrict certain pages by user group rather than categories. Perhaps this is more direct that trying to group pages to categorize them. I still don't know if this would get around the problem of utilizing those pages in tocs and structures though.

I'm fairly confident that what you are suggesting can be done, it just a question of how to implement it. Give it a day or two, some of the more expert users are generally good about putting forth suggestions.

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It also just occurred to me that I think I'm right in saying that pages can belong to more than one structure, so couldn't you just create two separate structures and use the relevant pages in each (so you wouldn't be duplicating pages)? So you have a basic users, and an advanced users structure, or however your particular setup is defined.

Like I said before always more than one way to skin a cat. I'd be interested in hearing some other responses.

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Great idea - this (I think) allows me to do just about what ever I need to do.

I've quickly checked it out by creating a second Structure and also categorised it so that the 'lower' Groups cannot inadvertently toggle into it from the top right Structure menu. I then created a new top-of-structure page for the more advanced menu and copied all the other existing pages into the new Structure.

Only one small downside which is that the higher Group can in my case toggle into the 'lesser' menu - quite often a page drops out of Structure mode ie sometimes after an edit and so on - the top right select menu then gives my 'higher' Group a choice of the two Structures since in my arrangement the higher Group is in both the higher and lower Categories.

Thanks again - I think this has cracked it for me.