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Re: Re: Documents editing

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I'd have to answer "maybe" for that. I suppose you can, with some configuration, get any file to display in your browser. Many PDF readers typically integrate with browsers so that it downloads the file automatically and displays it in your browser window.

The point is, that it is due to additional software and configuration of your individual computer/s, not a feature of Tiki. To the best of my knowledge you can't edit a Word Document/PDF/Other types of files directly in TikiWiki.

If you want to create a "page-by-page" effect like Google Books then you can still use Wiki pages, but you simply place them in a "Structure", which then allows users to navigate through a series of related Wiki pages. Naturally, you can incorporate images into your Wiki pages so that you can truly have a book-like feel.

Of course if you already have all the material in another form, then it could require a lot of manual work to copy all the material from the original form to Wiki pages (at least a lot of copying and pasting).

Hope this helps.