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Re: Re: Allow Anonymous visitors use Sandbox but no permission to edit other pages

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Well it depends if you are going to allow anonymous users to create and edit pages. Many sites don't, in which case the sandbox serves no purpose for anonymous users. As with any software it's always difficult to meet everybody's needs. The best you can do, is give people options. wink

I personally, have a couple of Tiki sites where only registered users are allowed to create/edit material, so they have access to the sandbox (so they can test things out), but anonymous users don't. If fact, in one case, anonymous users can only see the home page and that's about it.

You are right though, that it could be added as a new permission (tiki_p_use_sandbox or something like that) to get around this issue. That's why Tiki has such an active community, it's a constantly evolving product!

I hope you have fun with Tiki.