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Allow Anonymous visitors use Sandbox but no permission to edit other pages

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I think Sandbox is a place to learn how to use Tikiwiki. So I want to allow anybody to use it on my wiki website.

But, if I open sandbox to public, they can also edit other wiki pages.

What I want is, Anonymous visitors cann ONLY use Sandbox, but no permission to edit other pages, though they can view other pages.

So, how to configure this? Is it possible?

If can't, hope you can add such a feature in next release.


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Probably the easiest thing to do, that I know of, is to create a new category e.g. "Public" and grant the anonymous user group tiki_p_view_categories, tiki_p_view_categorized, tiki_p_edit_categorized permissions for that new category, thus overriding the global permissions. Finally, categorize the Sandbox as "Public".

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Thanks! It sounds very good. I will try it.

But I think, the sandbox SHOULD be open to anybody by default, independent from other wiki pages.

If there is a sandbox but Anonymous can't use it, why create it?

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Well it depends if you are going to allow anonymous users to create and edit pages. Many sites don't, in which case the sandbox serves no purpose for anonymous users. As with any software it's always difficult to meet everybody's needs. The best you can do, is give people options. wink

I personally, have a couple of Tiki sites where only registered users are allowed to create/edit material, so they have access to the sandbox (so they can test things out), but anonymous users don't. If fact, in one case, anonymous users can only see the home page and that's about it.

You are right though, that it could be added as a new permission (tiki_p_use_sandbox or something like that) to get around this issue. That's why Tiki has such an active community, it's a constantly evolving product!

I hope you have fun with Tiki.

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I tried Darkbee's method:

First I login in as Admin, created a new Category named Public, categorize the Sandbox page to Public.

Then edit permissions to Anonymous group and grant them tiki_p_view_categories, tiki_p_view_categorized, tiki_p_edit_categorized permissions.

Then I log out and try to see the Sandbox on the left menu, but is not there. Instead, I saw a new menu item named Categories there.

So I clicked Categories and see Public on the list. I clicked Public and see Sandbox.

Next, I clicked Sandbox, but Tiki then told me I have no permission and reminded me to login in.

What is wrong?


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Sorry if I confused you, it sounds like you gave the actual anonymous user group the permissions I described. What I meant was that you assign the permissions to the category "public", not the user group. When you assign permissions to a category you can choose which user group to associate those permissions with.

Go to tiki-admin_categories.php (the "Admin Categories" page) and click on the key icon next to the "public" category. Then you'll see what I mean. You will probably want to remove the permissions from the anonymous user group (under Admin Group), otherwise anonymous will be able to see a lot more than you originally intended.

Let me know if you need more help, it's more than possible that I'm not explaining things very clearly.

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hi, Darkbee,

I misunderstood your instructions.

Now I change those settings according to your last post, I see the Key next to the Public category this time.

But after these changes, I log out, and as an Anonymous, I can't find Sandbox on the menu.

Very weild. I think the Tikiwiki menu system is more complicated to understand.

Maybe the developer team should learn the Menu system and Multilanguage solution from Joomla!.

Thanks for your help.

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First off, permissions in Tiki can be very confusing, it does take some time to understand them fully, so don't be too discourage if everything doesn't make sense immediately!

To address your problem, I think it's normal that the anonymous users can't see the Sandbox item on the menu because the menu is probably working from global permissions and not category permissions.

First verify that anonymous users do indeed have access to the Sandbox by logging out and going directly to the appropriate page. You should be able to replace the page portion of your URL (probably tiki-index.php) with tiki-editpage.php?page=sandbox.

Assuming that works ok then you've basically got everything set up correctly, you just need to edit the Sandbox menu item (tiki-admin_menus.php) to ensure that it isn't checking for permissions that anonymous users won't normally have. I think the default menu (which I assume you're using) requires the permission tiki_p_view in order to be able to see the Sandbox item. You can simply remove this permission when you edit the Sandbox menu item.

If you need more help then let me know.

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I was able to allow Anonymous to edit the Sandbox (sort of)

  1. Login as Admin
  2. Wiki -> List Pages
  3. Find : sandbox
  4. You will see a "Key" - click it
  5. Assign tiki_p_edit, tiki_p_view and tiki_p_minor to Anonymous

What I have just described is setting permission on a particular object.

I said "sort of" because after doing this - Anonymous can edit but I do not see the "Preview" button so that you can actually see what yo did. Bummer!!! I even tried giving tiki_p_admin permission on this object and still won't present a "Preview" button.

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Thanks to rtpascual, very clever solution!

I think that should work, because I just noticed that each page can has its own permissions.

Very good! biggrin