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Categories vs Categorized

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I'm having some problems understanding the difference between Can edit items in categories and Can edit categorized items. Can someone offer up an explanation - or a link?


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Where do you see those permissions or differences?

There is no difference between what you've described but I don't think you're describing the right thing.

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There are two distinct permissions 1) tiki_p_edit_categories - Can edit categories; 2) tiki_p_edit_categorized - can edit categorized items. I don't understand the differences between categories and categorized when it comes to granting view/edit privledges. I assume tiki_p_admin_categories covers both since there is no admin_categories and admin_categorized.

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I don't see tiki_p_edit_categories myself, but I would guess that this is the same thing as tiki_p_admin_categories. Edit categories means be able to edit the actual categories themselves. It's unlikely that you'll want most users to be able to do this, as you may want to encourage them to use the category structure that you have created already (and not give them the possibility to break it).

Edit categorized means that you can edit any object that has been placed (categorized) into a particular category. Note that I say "any object", because you can categorize more than just Wiki pages.

Does this make sense?

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That's interesting. I'm wondering if I'm having a hangover problem with an older version being upgraded. In my production tiki, I have 5 permissions for categories:
tiki_p_edit_categories category Can edit items in categories
tiki_p_edit_categorized category Can edit categorized items
tiki_p_view_categories category Can view categories
tiki_p_admin_categories category Can admin categories
tiki_p_view_categorized category Can view categorized items

In my newly created test tiki, I have 4 permissions for categories:
tiki_p_admin_categories category Can admin categories
tiki_p_view_categories category Can view categories
tiki_p_view_categorized category Can view categorized items
tiki_p_edit_categorized category Can edit items in categories

Can you confirm which of these sets you have?

If I have an extra permission, how do I remove it?

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I just cross-posted to this thread but now it seems we are getting somewhere.

It looks like your upgrade has messed something up. You should have the following permissions:

  • tiki_p_edit_categorized
  • tiki_p_view_categories
  • tiki_p_view_categorized
  • tiki_p_admin_categories

I don't know how you get rid of the 5th one, that is a database issue, but I wouldn't advise you to go deleting things willy-nilly, as you might break something. You should definitely backup your database at this point! Hopefully, somebody can advise you on how to get your database back on track.

When you upgraded did you run the installer script? i.e. you have to go to tiki-install.php and "upgrade" your database from 1.9 to 2.0. I'm assuming you did because it looks like you have the correct 2.0 permissions, but for some reason some of the redundant 1.9 permission/s were not removed.

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"Advise you not to go deleting things" that should have read.

Oops eek

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But then it would have been a double negative... I must tired.. time to go home. redface

Bottom line: don't mess with the database until someone can advise you what to do next. And make sure you back up your data.

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Yes, I did run the upgrade script. Maybe this is the reason my categories aren't working consistently as in my other posting. Hmmmm. I've been doing a nightly mysqldump so my backup should be good. My only worry is if I have to trash my DB and start anew, how to get the information into the new one - ugh!

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Hi alltogether,

I hope, not to confuse you more and certainly don't can give a garranty, that it's right, what I'm saying wink. But I'll try to offer an explanation, how I understand this:

  • tiki_p_view_categories -> means, that user can see the categories, which were created normally by you as admin. For example, you have categories "Private" and "Public", so user with this permission can view / let list this two categories - let's say, he can see the category-items!

  • tiki_p_view_categorized -> with this permission user is allowed to see items, which are assigned to a category. For example wikipages in the category "Private". So user with only this permission can only view the categorized wiki pages, but cannot browse the category "Private" itself. So it's a permission to see items in a category = categorized items not category-items.

  • tiki_p_edit_categorized -> it's similar to tiki_p_view_categorized, only with the difference, that this permission gives the right not to view, but to edit a categorized item, e.g. a wiki page in the category "Private". It also doesn't touch the permission to view the category itself, so it's a permission for a item in a category, a categorized item, not a category-item.

  • tiki_p_admin_categories -> this is the right, to admin the categories, to admin the category-items. With this permission you can create new categories, assign the individual category-permissions to a category, and select, which items (pages, articles, trackers, ..) are included in which category.


  • A user with tiki_p_view_categories is allowed to see the list of categories (certainly dependent on the individual rights assigned to each one) and can assign items (pages, articles, trackers, ..) to one of the categories of the list. So he can assign items to categories, means he can categorize items.

  • It doesn't touch the permission, if he is allowed to view this categorized items (tiki_p_view_categorized) or if he may edit them (tiki_p_edit_categorized).

Did you understand, what I mean ?