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Re: Re: Edit / Approve Edits Permissions for the Wiki

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You should probably create a separate thread for new issues. I'm not exactly clear on where you're having the difficulty. It sounds like you have multiple problems:

  1. How to create new pages
  2. How to link to pages using menu items
  3. How to use/display a custom menu

and probably others.

This might help you:

  1. Quick Edit module is probably the easiest, otherwise create a link to a page by editing an existing page and then preview that edit (not save). Then click the question mark in the preview that links to the new, as yet uncreated page.
  2. The URL for the menu item should be the page that you want to link to. You can either use wiki syntax, e.g. ((PageName)) or you can use relative links such as tiki-index.php?page=<Your Page Name Here>
  3. Once you have created your custom menu, create a custom module under Admin Modules, that contains your custom menu. There are drop-down boxes at the bottom of the Admin Modules page to help you do this. The basic syntax is {menu id=<id of custom menu>}. Don't forget to assign the custom module.