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Re: Searching problem...works in one place, not in another

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This looks like a bug - I've never noticed this before since I always use the Search box module. Checking an old 1.9.x site I have doesn't seem to have this problem so perhaps some recent changes have introduced this error.

When you use the Search box module you fill in the form and the form 'action' is to run tiki-searchresults.php

The Search link in the column menu (as you say) goes to tiki-searchindex.php - which doesn't seem to work. Having had a 'failed' search you are however now at tiki-searchresults.php so subsequent searches work fine.

A crude workaround would be to change the menu link to go to tiki-searchresults.php - which would give a null search result when the screen first shows but wouldn't give a false impression of no results. There may be a better workaround once I've thought about it some more or perhaps others can suggest alternatives? Meanwhile I'll log it as a bug.

Well spotted smile

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My solution was to modify the template for tiki-searchindex.php:


To match the form action of the Search box:

Original line 16:
form class="forms" method="get" action="tiki-searchindex.php"

Modified line 16:
form class="forms" method="get" action="tiki-searchresults.php"

This appears transparent to the user.

Not sure if it was necessary or not but I cleared the template cache as well.