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Features / Usability

Show user's info on mouseover

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I am using tikiwiki 2.2. In Community I have set "Show user's info on mouseover". In User Preferences I set "User Information: public" and selected "Show user's info on mouseover".

If I log in with an admin account, the mouseover feature works. If I log in as a Registered user, the mouseover does not work. I assumed this had something to do with permissions assigned to the group, so I checked tiki_p_admin for the Registered users group. This had no effect.

What else do I have to do so that registered users can see user info on mouseover?

A befuddled newbie

Well, I went back about 30 minutes later, and now it works as it should. Now I am even more befuddled!

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These type of changes seem to be often cached - so after making any preference changes like this you should clear all the various caches if the changes do not seem to have been made.

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