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Re: RSS Feed gives : "RSS Id incorrect:"

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Well, first of all, I've had some trouble with RSS feeds myself in the past and the problem typically lies with the URL not being in a "friendly" format. I noticed the square brackets in your URL and suspected that was the problem, so I simply replaced them with % codes. Poof, that did the trick.

The % codes are URL encoding strings, which you can manually replace certain "illegal" characters found within a URL with the percent codes yourself. A common percent code is %20 which represents a space. Note that most browsers will quite happily let you put in "illegal" characters but sometimes they will not be handled gracefully.

An easier method is to add the RSS feed to your favorite reader such as Google Reader and then view the URL that the reader uses. (Usually it will convert the URL for you.) wink

Happy to help!
Darren AKA Darkbee
(From the nowhere near as sunny (or warm) northern United States.)