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Strange/encrypted filenames in file galleries when storing outside the database

I am using tikiwiki 2.2 and have the following problem.
I am storing files in file galleries outside the databasem, and created a separate folder on my server to do this.
However, if I upload a file, the file name gets in some way encrypted, scrambled. For example, if I upload a pdf file, the filename (as seen in a linux directory listing) becomes 08632c42774e7e583fe6748e4cb8741b.
Similarly, if I use "directory batch upload" - I only get a list of such scrambled names. I can upload and use pdf's this way, but cannot upload jpg's.
The filenames are shown correctly inside Tikiwiki.
Any suggestions how to maintain the original filenames, and how to use jpg's in a file gallery (if these problems are related at least?)


I don't think they are related.

scrambled file name is a "feature". It permits to have several files with the same name and is better for security. Tiki handles the conversion. There has been talk to have an option to use existing file names & directories but no code yet.

I don't see why you couldn't upload jpg files. You could also use image gallery.

Can you try version 3 (in Beta) and see if the jpgs work for you?

Best regards,

M ;-)

thanks for explaining on the scrambled file names.

it is indeed strange I cannot use jpg's in file galleries. If I make a new file gallery, images that I upload appear as "empty" thumbnails, while indeed everything works correctly in image galleries. File galleries work correctly for other types of files (xls, pdf etc). I tried to first upload the jpg's to the server with ftp, and then add them to the file gallery with batch upload - but then the same problem remains.
Is it indeed true that file galleries will evenually replace image galleries? (that is why I went this route - as I need to put on a large number of images) - if not I can just keep using image galleries.
I have not tried it in version 3 - as I am just starting with tikiwiki and wanted to put on the currently stable version.

in addition: (part of ?)the problem seems to be that uploading to file galleries of images does not lead to creation of a thumbnail. If I look at the folder where the jpg files go, no .thumb files are generated. I am using GD 2.0. The uploaded files are correct and when the encrypted file is downloaded again and viewed they are correct jpg's. So the problem seems to be tikiwiki showing these files correctly and making a thumbnail for them. Could this maybe related to rights issues that need to be set in linux - that tikiwiki needs to write in a folder but can't?

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