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Architecture / Installation

Re: Re: Upgrade from 5.1 to 6.0

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I would say it is almost always a better choice to use directories. If you've ever tried backing up a large database using PHPMyAdmin then you'll understand why. Having said that, if you ever need to "transport" the Tiki database to a new server/domain, then the later versions of Tiki now include a handy feature to move files to the database and vice versa. (although this isn't necessarily required).

As for your question...

To Quote the Tiki File Gallery admin page:

Tiki 5.1 wrote:

If you decide to store files in a directory you must ensure that the user cannot access directly to the directory. You have two options to accomplish this:

  • Use a directory outside your document root, make sure your php script can read and write to that directory
  • Use a directory inside the document root and use .htaccess to prevent the user from listing the directory contents

To configure the directory path use UNIX like paths for example files/ or c:/foo/files or /www/files/

So basically you have two choices, outside of your public HTML folder, or inside but use rules. I can't advise you there one way of the other, my knowledge is not sufficient enough, except to say option one is probably easier and requires less modification.