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I've activated the mindmap plugin and downloaded the necessary freemind files to view the mindmap on my tiki site. My questions are:

I can only view the one demo mindmap that I downloaded. What needs to be modified to view my mindmap instead. I've copied my .mm file to the folder but I can't figure out which file needs to be changed so I can see my mindmap?
What do I need to do to view more than one mindmap. Do I need to create a folder for each map (which means each folder needs the freemind files too) or does the mindmap plugin reference one set of freemind files for each mindmap.

I've searched the TikiWiki site and the documentation is thin on how to setup and use mindmaps but if there is more detailed documentation somewhere, please let me know.

Thank you.

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Does no one use the mindmap plugin in TikiWiki?

To give more detail on my setup and what I've done...

I use XAMPP (1.7.3) on a Windows XP pro PC. I've downloaded the necessary freemind files from:

and I've put these files into the following location:

I login to my tikiwiki and under menu > wiki I see an option for mindmap. So what do I do next?

I've tried creating a new wiki page and pasting in the following example:

where I've changed the location of the mindmap to be the example one I downloaded from the Tiki link but it doesn't display the mindmap. The wiki page I've created shows this code I've pasted in.

Please let me know what the steps are to include a mindmap in TikiWiki.

Thank you,

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Sorry, I've never used MindMaps from within Tiki. sad

I know that's not terribly helpful but I mention it because to be honest I think it's a feature that is used very little. (you asked)

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What version of Tikiwiki are you using?

I had functioning mindmap plugins up to 5.3, but as of 6.0 they take some tweaking to get existing plugins to work. However, the feature activation and actual Plugin enabling through admin area not working properly.

Once I get this totally resolved will post exactly what I did.

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Using Tiki 17.1.
I could not install this addon.
At first I searched for it at Admin Modules - all modules, but it's not there.
Tiki Mods will also not show it.
Then I tried to figure out if I need to install it manually.
Mod-mindmap gives relatively poor information on the installation.
Using this file list I tried to find the correct place. Then I found that there where already some files present.
So I tried to run /tiki-mindmap.php and this provided a checkbox to tick so this module gets installed.
Another call of /tiki-mindmap.php shows "Missing dependency. Obtain visorFreemind.swf and upload it in files/. "
After creating the folder /files (in root) and uploading the file, calling /tiki-mindmap.php does not show any error.
I still cannot find any place where I could enable this plugin. Also when I use the proposed code snipped shown below I only get this as a text output.


Can anybody please help to use this feature?

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That was using Flash which the browsers are phasing out. And it never worked particularly well.

If you can find some HTML5 alternatives, we can integrate that instead.