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What will be the future of the Image Galleries?

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i just wanted to know how the image gallery will be handled in the future. Since v4 or so it is said that the image galleries will pahse out and be integrated into the file galleries.

so can we expect that there will be no more image galleries in v6/7/...?
If so will there be a script that converts the image galleries to file galleries? it would be nice to know so we can move all our images into the file galleries in time. And while doing so we also have to find all the links to the images in the pages itself and change them


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This is a timely question, I was just wondering the same thing myself. I'm working on a 3.1 Tiki site, that was previously upgraded from 2.x, all with image galleries (no file galleries used). Now, I'm looking at "converting" them to file galleries in preparation for the future change but will run into the problem of broken image links. AFAIK, there is no way to say "move image X from image-gallery Y into file-gallery Z". That would be very handy though!

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still no answer?

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What Nyloth (who wrote the file gallery code pretty much) said is that image galleries won't be phased out unless there is a migration script written to move their images to file galleries, so I think you don't need to worry about continuing to use image galleries.

-- Gary

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Ok, thats an answer i can live with.

I feared that at some time the image galleries won't be there and we have to look for ourself what to do with them.

With that information i can plan what to do in the near future.

thank you for the information Gary