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Re: Re: Re: Users can only view their own tracker inputs

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No problem, Tiki can be a little scary at first. :-)

Ok, so lets make sure I understand you correctly. Managers can enter information into this tracker and they can make multiple entries, but you only want them to see their own entries? I assume that you don't care about them entering the same person multiple times, or that different managers can enter the same person (I assume that wouldn't happen)? If that is a concern to you there isn't much that can be done but it might be something important that you need to think about to make sure your process works. In my head I imagine poor Bob being scheduled to work two shifts at the same time at opposite ends of town. :-(

Anyway, first... if it doesn't exist already you need to add a new field to your tracker. To do that, click on the icon that looks like a calculator or spreadsheet. (if you move the mouse over it, it should say "Fields"). Check the list of fields to make sure you don't have a field that is of type "user selector". If you do, then that's okay, just leave it. If you don't then you need to add a new field.

When you create a new field you can call it whatever you like ("username" is probably a good choice), but make sure you select "User Selector" (near the bottom on the drop down menu) and then for the options you can enter "1,0", which means auto assign the username to this field of the person who created the tracker item (1), and do not send email notifications (0). Here are some other options you need to verify:

  • field is mandatory check
  • Is column visible when listing tracker items doesn't really matter, probably uncheck
  • field is public uncheck
  • field is hidden "Visible by Admin and Creator only"

Save your new field.

The rest of the fields either don't matter too much, the defaults are fine, or you can probably work out what they mean.

Next you need to edit the tracker's properties on that tracker admin page (tiki-admin_trackers.php). You do so by clicking the name of the tracker or the pencil/paper icon. This is where you need to check the option Item creator can modify his items?.

The only other thing to do is to verify all the other fields have options field is public unchecked, and field is hidden is set to "Visible by Admin and Creator only". This means that nobody else will be able to view these tracker items, only managers that created them, and administrators. You can play around a bit if you would like some fields to be visible to all users (by making the field public and/or changing the visibility).

Hope this gets you started.