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Excluding one specific User from a Page

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we are using tikiwiki in a windowsdomain environment.

My Problem is:

Is there a chance to prevent one specific user from viewing a Page, while all others are allowed to view it.

Thanks in Advance :-)

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Tiki doesn't have "per user" permissions. What you could do is create a user group which has all users except that user you wish to exclude and then make the page/s viewable only by that user group. Users can belong to more than one user group.

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Ok, thanks for the answer,

the problem is, I have to create a few Pages..

there are a lot of users.

I could create a Group with the one user, who shall not be able to access the page, but I'm not able to define that this User is not able to access a Page or even a category.


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So, do you mean the user not able to access a page (or pages) changes? It's not always the same user?


Users X,Y,Z can access pages A,B,C but not User W
Users W,X,Y can access pages D,E,F but not User Z

That does make it more complicated but still possible using user groups and categories together. I think I need to understand exactly what you're trying to do, in order to give a better solution.

Another possibility that I just remembered is that you are able to create one user group per user (at registration time), so then you have to manually add each user group to each page that they have permission to see. This is a lot more (maintenance) work but obviously gives you the greatest flexibility.

It all depends how often the pages and/or users are changing and what combinations of user access are required (and also the number of users/pages we're talking about). If it's always user X that cannot access certain pages, then it's fairly easy to do this. If we're talking about hundreds of users and/or pages then I'm afraid there is no easy solution, it's going to take a lot of maintenance however you choose to manage it.

If you could give some more detailed information that would be helpful.

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and for many pages, you can put them in the same category (and force new pages from that group to be categorized by default to some category), and then, apply category permissions.

Read the documentation about Permissions

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Hi, thanks for the tips.. and sorry that I wasn't able to reply earlier.

At first I want to describe the problem in detail:

We are about 27 students in a phd program. At the end of the program each person gets a laudatio by his fellow collegues, in which is told, what stupid thing he did throughout his reasearch period. e.g. blown up a lab ;)

So the Wiki shall contain a site for everybody, like Karl Jones... this site should be accassable and editable to everyone in the researchgroup except for Karl, so that the mishaps can be collected secretly.

The accounts

I have absolutely no problem to create 27 groups and categories.

But I lack the NOT operation like:

NOT access to Karl

the group changes due to new researchers entering and old ones leaving, so it would be to much work to say Karl is accessable to : Tim, Jim... (all excet Karl)

Is there a chance for me ? I hope the problem is described better now :-)

Thanks in advance

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I've spotet one of the problems I think...

the global persmissions say:

employees tiki_p_view X

so Karl would be in the group employees and unless I delete the global permissions and build 27 groups with everyone except one person I don't have a chance to exclude a person ... do I ?

or is there an option to override the global permission for "group Karl" to tiki_p_view false ... ?