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Aw: How do you link to a tab created using Plugin Tabs?

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Hi Janet,

you can use
[This_is_your_page_name&cookietab=2|name of your link]

The number indicates the tab, you want to access.


jangriff wrote:

Wiki version = 6.1

On my Wiki page I created tabs using the Plugin Tabs.

Let's say I have 3 tabs. Each tab has it's own content and that displays just fine when I click on each tab.

Is there a way to create a link from the content on tab 1 that goes to the content on tab 3?

When I hover over tab 3, the url says the page name is: pagename#content3. So I tried using the wiki syntax for linking to a spot within a Wiki page:


But that only takes me to the bottom of the current tab content.

How do I link to another tab?