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Re: help with Flagged Revisions

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Hello Chris,

I just retested the feature and there might have been an issue in 8 that prevented it from working. I actually tested in trunk and, while I could see the controls, they were broken. Some investigation pointed to an other fix I had made in 8 recently but that had not been merged to trunk. If you have been using Tik8 RC1, that might have been the issue. You should upgrade to a later version. Nightly builds will contain the fix.

However, if you do not see controls at all, it may be because the configuration is partial.

  1. Create a category and note the category ID
  2. Go under Admin > Wiki > Flagged Revisions
  3. Above the page, make sure you show advanced settings
  4. You should enable flagged revisions, an additional field will display
  5. Enter the category ID

From the moment you will categorize pages in that category, the approval controls will display.

If this helped, please update the documentation in a way that would have made it easier for you.