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Architecture / Installation

unable to log in as admin after successful install

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Hi, I've tried several installs and unable to log in as admin after changing pwd. I've searched the forums and Google extensively and the only threads I could find that seemed applicable had to do with tilde "~" in the URLs. I'm on a shared hosting Windows server with no tildes in the directory structure. I've installed TikiWiki 6.7. Any guidance?

If I go directly to tiki-admin.php, I get the error "you are not logged in"... this seems to indicate a problem with maintaining session data, but I have not found any good info to help me.

Thanks for any help!

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1) Did you check whether cookies are enabled in your browser or not?

2) Did you use or enforce https for login but the site runs with http only?

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No on both of those... I think I've checked all the basic stuff. The hosting company says that my domain has permissions to write to the PHP session data. I'd like to try using the DB, but looks like you have to log in as admin to get to that setting... I've tried looking for ways of doing that by updating the db manually, but v.6.7 seems to have a different db structure than the ones that have been posted in the forums.
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So your Tiki6.7 installation uses an existing database from another older Tiki?

Can you check the database with phpMyAdmin? Is the admin's password really altered after installation?

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Thanks for responding... no this is a clean install of 6.7. I've actually tried to re-install several times and rebuilt the database, so not sure that's the issue. I also tried updating the pwd in mySql directly... no effect.

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Just a bit more info... I have tried to log in as admin using Chrome v.22 and IE 9... in IE the message I get when I try to log in is "You have to enable cookies to be able to login to this site"... but cookies are enabled on both browsers.

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I have this problem, I can't login on Internet Explorer.
But Firefox, Safari and Chrome are OK.

I have an error on IE :
"You have to enable cookies to be able to login to this site" but the cookies are enabled.
I tried to activate the "Silent session" in the panel admin Performance,
then i still have an error "You are not logged in".

Is there any solution for this issue on IE ?

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ok i found it :
don't use the character _ in the URL

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the FIX in my case was that I was using an user account..



From a stackoverflow thread (which I lost)..

Once i moved my site to


was ok to login..