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New content templates for Feature, FeatureDoc and FeatureDev are now available to help create these types of Wiki pages


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Nice work there, Scott!

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I am creating a company website using tikiwiki because of its functionality. The prolbem I'm having is trying to learn how to incorporate the relatively complicated website design to tikiwiki. Anyone have any documentation or suggests for me?

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Very useful templates, Scott. They look slick!

I went through as many of the FeatureX and FeatureXDocs as I could find and applied the templates to them. And after chatting with Marc Laporte, we also started using another Feature page: FeatureXGloss.

The idea behind these glossary pages is that they would be a short blurb defining a particular feature. No more than a paragraph. Then, using the Wiki INCLUDE syntax, that blurb can be incorporated into other pages--like FeatureX and FeatureXDoc.

So, now, as explained further on the FeatureX page, each feature might have the following pages--although some won't have Setting or Admin pages:

  • FeatureXGloss - short glossary definition, for everyone
    • Using the INCLUDE Wiki tag, this blurb can be quickly inserted into any or all of the following FeatureX pages.
    • See the Wiki syntax of Blog for an example.
      • e.g., {INCLUDE(page=>BlogGloss)}{INCLUDE}
  • FeatureX - general info, for everyone
  • FeatureXDoc - what FeatureX does NOW, for users
  • FeatureXDev - what FeatureX will do LATER, for developers
  • FeatureXAdmin - how to configure FeatureX, for all site admins
  • FeatureXSettings - site-wide configurations, for the head TikiAdmin and/or SysAdmin, when applicable
    • Mainly, these are the settings made from TikiAdminSettings.

I hope you find this outline useful.


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Here's a template we might use for FeatureSettings:

Settings Documentation

Please include screenshots and documentation focused toward the Tiki admin and the site-wide settings he/she makes for a specific feature.


Try not to duplicate what goes in the FeatureXAdmin page, which is for admins who are not the main Tiki admin. See explanation on FeatureX.

Knowledgebase / tutorial / FAQ / How-to


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