doc.t.o revamp sequel - step 1: user guide

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Hi everyone,

I am taking over the documentation revamp work from 2 years ago.
The first step is to complete the user guide.

I don't understand fully the distinction between "admin guide" and "user guide" and would like your input about this:
In which guide should "small admin" documentation be? By "small admin" I mean moderators with specific privileges such as deleting forum posts/wiki pages, configuring forums and managing menus. These people don't always have site wide admin privileges, but are often more than simple users (readers, basic registered users...)

Now, here is how I plan to improve the user guide next. Again any input will be apreciated. I'll keep this post up to date as I am going though my plan.

Going in the structure:
Friendship Network User (new page)
Forum User (contain some admin stuff to move elsewhere)
Article User
Shoutbox User (still empty)
Wiki Linking (futur sreenshot tutorial, which should become the mother-page of Wiki-Syntax Links and Link Cache)
MyTiki (with the following child pages)
User Preferences
Inter-User Messages
Gmap User
Userpage (new page)

going out of the structure:
Backlinks (for admins, the actual user explaination is already here)
Hotwords (for admins, syntax is already explained here)
Smiley (is this page usefull?)
Spellcheck (is this page still relevant?)
Spellcheck User (idem)
Code Highlighter (is this page usefull? I am planning to write a little about using the standard editor in Wiki Syntax)
Poll Admin (for admins)


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I see Admin Guide as being directed to Tiki admins... that is, folks who want to use Tiki to run their website.

With that in mind, I see the User Guide as being for folks who are visiting/using a Tiki-powered website. These are the pages that (currently, at least), the default Tiki help engine uses.

In my mind these are two completely different audiences. I also think that the Tiki admins should be our initial focus (not the end-users).

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Hello pianoliv,

Super good initiative, congrats.

Please, in addition to what Rick99 has said, remember that there are new tools available. Per example the TV site which began a glossary pertinent to many new users. In addition to the glossary being built, the Kaltura record and play back tool allows you to "teach" how to do things.

Per example, see the List of external wiki references to name just this one.

Again congrats on this work your doing and if you need further help about the way the doc pages are structured, please let us know


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@rick: So is it up to me to decide in which of this two categories thoses particular infos fall? I suppose on the user side then.
I understand why you would prefer to focus on admins first, but the user's guide is going to be a test bed for me since it's already mostly complete (and thus will ask less work than the other guides). It is also the part that I'm most confident in, and the part I'll personally need first for my tiki website since its admin (me) can already find is way in the doc. But don't worry, work on the user's guide include refactoring some admin centric pages as well, and the admin's guide shall come next.

@Daniel Gauthier: thanks for your support. Video isn't really my thing and I havn't played with it on tiki yet. Don't hesitate creating documentation pages about it on doc.t.o and just mark them as structure ready with a note on were you think they should go if you can't add them to the structures yourself. Just please be carefull not to duplicate too much general tiki documentation on tv.t.o but try linking instead to doc.t.o when you can. Most of what you wrote is already on doc.t.o and this just adds workload (in maintaining, translation...).


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Hi pianoliv,

Let me echo Daniel and say thank you for your initiative and also to encourage you to work first on whatever you feel motivated to work on.

Based on your suggestions I think you've got the right idea so I would go for it - after all, Tiki is a do-ocracy!

Thanks again,

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Hi here,

I reworked the user guide as planned, and am going forward.
I just finished going through all links on the main old structure to see wich pages where not yet in one of the new structures.
I found 47 new pages that should go in the user guide:

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thanks pianoliv for all your work

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update: the new pages where merged in.