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Edit source of pages

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(Tiki 12.x) How to grant a not Admin group (o user) the possibility to use the source editing in order to contribute to specific pages.
Inside permission page i can find only "view source code" but not "edit source code".

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You are not looking for the right perm. "Edit the source code" is called "Modify a wiki page" on the perms page.
You can set it per object or per category for each group.

"View the source code" is just a way to watch the code of the content of a wiki page without the edit perm.

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Kicking an old topic from 4 years ago.

As Admin i'm able to view the source code. of a wiki page. And I like to give the option to a selected group of users to modify the source of a page.
Looking at https://doc.tiki.org/Permissions and to the global / category permissions on my Tiki installation, there is no longer a "Modify a wiki page" permission as SebD posted 4 years ago.
How can I set the 'edit source code' permissions?

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There i tiki_p_edit permission to edit "source code" - I hope you mean the wiki syntax by "source code".

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Hi Luci,

I'm sorry for the confusion, I'm indeed talking about giving the users permissions to edit the wiki syntax directly (in my case html mixed with wiki syntax).
And, I fixed it! According to Toolbarslib.php both 'tiki_p_wiki_view_source' and 'tiki_p_use_HTML' needs to be enabled.
The later is only possible to set by global permission, not by category permission.

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Exactly so. You can use "view the source code" if -for example- you want to copy it somewhere else (eg. part of it to another page) without opening the edit tool.