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Tiki Map Module

posts: 29 Canada

I've got Mapserver working (in theory) with TikiWiki, but I need a mapfile to test with. I have tried one of my own map files, but it doesn't work.

Is there a list somewhere of map file requirements when using the wikimap?
And limitations. Version of phpmapscript it expects, and so on..

My map draws fine when I query Mapserver directly with the same mapfile.

I thought I'd ask the question before stepping through each mapscript error I get.



posts: 1001 Canada

I can't answer but I would refer you to Franck who coded this not too long ago and said he would be glad to know how maps work.

Good luck ;)

posts: 2881 United Kingdom

Franck would be your man there!

You can often find him hanging on the IRC channel too

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