Re: Re: No theme with tiki 13.1 ?

Gary, to bulk up or not to bulk up, I vote for not bulking up with un-neccessary Word Press stuff. I only mentioned it because it seemed like it would have added more options in themeing. But after reading more about it here, I think sticking with the nice Tiki bootstrap themes we have is a wonderful idea, and let folks customize as they see fit. after all, if you want a Word Press look for a wiki, go use Word Press and download one of the wiki plugins. I have gone that exploratory route, I created a Wordpress site and investigated the various wiki plugins which were in my humble opinion lacking. There was a paid plugin for a wiki but it was, well, costly.

Keep Tiki as light as possible, we can learn to customize the awesome bootstrap stuff we have now. I'm willing to start to get a little dirty with codeing, I need to learn it and how to use it.

Sorry for hijackign this topic,



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