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Tiki Best Practices for File Galleries and Categories

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Can anyone lend some advice on the best practices for creating file galleries in relation to the categories?
My first thought is to mirror file galleries with categories.
For example, if I have a category named "General" with 10 subcategories, would it be best practice to create a file gallery for each sub category? Or, just a file gallery named "General".

By creating a file gallery for each sub-category, am I going to see conflicts down the road with anything?
How friendly would this structure be to users?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Like everything in life... it depends...

  • Does your permissions sturture require a separate (private) gallery for each category? If so, you'll need a file gallery for each category.
  • Do your file galleries require a parent/child relationship (with permissions that are inherited by the child)? If so, you'll need to create sub-galleries.
  • You should also consider how easy (or difficult) it will be for users to find files if there is a single ("flat") file gallery as opposed to several nested sub-galleries.

There are lots of things to consider. But remember, files within galleries (and the galleries themselves) can easily be moved without breaking any links.



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That's some great thoughts to chew on Rick, thanks so much for jumping in. And, it makes it much easier knowing that I can always move files without breaking links, that is a nice warm feeling knowing that once created, it's not locked in place like so many other CMS or wiki software.

Thanks again Rick