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Zotero and Tiki 14.0

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Dear folks, I would like to know if Zotero is functioning in Tiki 14.0?
I have read the documentation, and followed it verbatum, and I just cannot get my Zotero to pop and work.
I assigned a tag "wood" to a cite I have saved in our group library at https://www.zotero.org/groups/thepatriotwoodwiki/items
but when I enter the tag in the biblio search box at the right column of our Tiki site, nothing happens, I have tried to configure this many ways but not with much luck. It has to be something I am doing wrong, or perhaps Zotero has not been tested with 14.0 yet?
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I am really trying to get this to work and not having any luck at all. I have dug up archive discussions and followed clues and hints and suggestions and no luck as of yet.



I have followed the instruction here verbatum at https://doc.tiki.org/Zotero and no such luck at all. I am not whipped though, I'll keep trying to figure this out, but first if anyone could at least let me know if this is still a supported feature, then at least I know I am not chasing a dogs tail.

I also tried it on the demo server for Tiki 12.0 thinking perhaps 14.0 is just simply not supported, but I could not get Zotero to function at the demo server either, thanks for any input folks!

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I haven't seen much activity or discussion about Zotero in a while. I'm pretty sure there hasn't been any specific testing of Zotero in Tiki 13 or 14. The last message about it on the developers' mailing list was in June 2013. You might want to file a bug report at dev.tiki.org just to put it on the radar.

-- Gary

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THanks for the heads up Gary. I have a question, what is the benefit of the Zotero plugin besides the cite being autopopulated into your wiki page with the Zotero plugin?

Does it look the same as when I copy paste the cite from the Zotero library? Is the Biblio Search module and the plugins just a convenience? Or do the plugins generate something different then the following as shown in Chicago Cite style that I copy pasted from my Zotero group page?

“Woodworking.” 2015. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Woodworking&oldid=665126824.

Thanks as always for your help Gary, appreciate it much.