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phpBB Authentication method not working

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Hi all.

I'm new to TikiWiki and have been struggling to get the phpBB Authentication method to work.

What I've done:
I've set Login > Gen Prefs > Auth method to phpBB
unchecked/unticked > Users can register

Under the phpBB tab, I've checked/ticked:
Create user if not in Tiki  
Use Tiki authentication for Admin login
Disable Tiki users who don't have a phpBB login

And populated the database fields correctly, I assume. And I assume phpBB Database Hostname can be set to localhost since both db's are on the same server.

I've created a user in phpBB, logged into phpBB with user, then logged out. This was done since I didn't know at which point the user was created in Tiki.

Looking in Tiki, user was not created. Not sure if user is supposed to be created or not.
Logging into Tiki with created user gives me a white page with this error message: AuthPhpBB : Query failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')' at line 1''

I'm using:
phpBB 3.1.5
Tiki 14.0

I've also tried with Tiki 12.4 with the same results.

If phpBB is to blame, what phpBB version is known to work with either Tiki 12.4 or 14.0?

At this point I'm not sure what to do next, or if I've set this up correctly. Any help would be appreciated.


(Edited to embolden the error message)

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Hi sholzy,

maybe we need to get to the developer of the phpBB integration and ask for further information there.

I do notknow many people using this - maybe because Tiki has it's own forums.

I do not knoww off-hand and am busy right now. Will think about, if I get an idea. Just do not leave you being alone in front of a gate with a completely unanswered question ...


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Hi Torsten,

Thank you for your reply.  If I can find that dev's contact info I will open a dialog with him.


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If you've confirmed that the phpBB database information is correct (I think you can check your board's config.php file to be sure) then in might be a bug. You might check through the http://dev.tiki.org" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">bug database to see if this is a known issue.

If everything is working correctly, the user will be created in Tiki after you log into Tiki (with the phpBB username).

Other than this, does your Tiki operate correctly? Can you create a Tiki user directly?



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The user never gets the chance to complete the log in proceedure due to the error in my first post, thus no user gets created in Tiki.


Tiki operates normally otherwise. I can create Tiki users, but as long as the auth method is set to phpBB no normal user can log in. 



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I have replicated the behaviour that @sholzy mentioned in the first post, although I do not get any error messages.

  • I have followed the same steps he took (from https://doc.tiki.org/phpBB-Authentication )
  • I created a new user on the phpBB forum
  • I was able to log in as the new user on the phpBB forum
  • I then tried to log onto Tiki with that user, but I get a blank page (no error messages)
  • logging back onto Tiki as admin, I do not see the same username that should have been created (meaning, no user has been created in Tiki)
  • incidentally, I also tried to intentionally change the phpbb database credentials to something wrong, to see if it made any difference during the login process, it did not make any difference

Screenshot of the blank page attached:
Phpbb Auth

My versions:
Tiki 20.x
phpBB 3.2.7

I also checked the bugs list, I could not find anything pertinent either under "phpbb" or under "auth" (for authorization).

What I find puzzling is, in the phpBB Authentication page I linked above, there is a tab of the defaults for Tiki 20.x as well - that would infer that somebody has been able to successfully validate that this feature is in fact still working, would it not?


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I am also seeing this same behaviour using Tiki 18.6 and phpBB 3.2.5. I see that fatiki has now logged a bug for this issue which is still open.

Has anyone had any success implementing phpBB authentication? If not, I guess I'll just have to wait for the bug to be resolved.