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Architecture / Installation

Tiki15svn Use and Concern for Future Upgrades

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Tiki 15 svn
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I have a small concern, is it ok to use Tiki15svn for our production site? My only concern is that when Tiki15 final comes out, that any upgrades may not replace something that is supposed to be replaced. I understand that Tiki15svn is developmental, but it sure is working great for us right now. Are there any negative impacts regarding the use of Tiki15 at this point? And will the final release of Tiki15 over-ride what needs to be over-ridden in my current Tiki15?
Thanks as always for any help.

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hi jmorris

well, development branch is where new things appear first, so it is not meant to be used in production until it is released, but on the other hand, new code commits should not break the application, so I guess your only concern is that there might be a code change that causes temporarly trouble, but you just report it and the developer should fix it


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Geeza, thanks for the words of encouragement, you hit it on the head, so for now I will not be concerned, I do enjoy some of the features I have seen in 15 very much and it would be hard for me to go back to 14, the developers are doing great work! Thanks Geeza for your input. I'll stay with 15!