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Re: Modify Tracker Item, Item Auto Updates in Page

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Thanks Rick! Actually that page was created by tracker! For my own information and education, what do you see about it that would indicate it was not created by tracker? Thanks!
And, that was the missing link, pardon the pun, the "Page Selector Field", that will accomplish what I wanted to do by linking the page to the tracker, thanks so much for that!

So, the trackers are used exclusively to populate the infoboxes on the wiki pages, you suggest using TRACKERLIST to display the tracker info. Will I be able to us TRACKERLIST for the infoboxes?
Thanks Rick

PS, in the links I submitted above I forgot to add this one showing the template I am using for pages in that wiki category of "Notable people past", http://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/notable-people-past.tpl