a new module :display last posts in one blogs

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tiki have a module named last_blog_posts can display the last posts in all blogs,but sometime we need display the last posts in one blog.
this mod named last_one_blog_posts is for this.
just download the zip file and unzip it at the tiki root.
then you can assign the new module last_one_blog_posts in module admin,the blogId which blog is displayed is setted at the parameters.
if you want to display the blog with ID 1,just type 1 at the text area.

there's a problem that. I can't understand the use of paramaters of module. can anybody express it?
($module_params"title"),is module_params got from database?
and what is the format of params of modules in database table tiki_modules?

finally,where should I upload my new module ?

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I suppose it's got from the database indeed. To test the form, just assign a module some parameter(s) and you should see.

I would recommend enhancing last_blog_posts to accept an optional blogId parameter instead of creating a new module. Post your files and patches at mods.tw.o.
Thank you for your contribution.

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Im pretty certain that the current one can do this. I'm sure ive seen something mentioned on IRC

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use RSS modules?

I use an RSS module to perform this function, just take the feed from the selected BLOG and plumb it into an RSS module, Dump THAT into a custom module and "robert is your mothers brother".

Or is that a bad idea?