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[Solved] Assign Module to Specific Webpage

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I am completely new to Tiki but do have some previous experience with the likes of Joomla (years ago though!) so still finding my way around everything!

One thing I am trying to do to make the site less cluttered, is to hide a lot of the modules that appear on the homepage (articles) in the rest of the sections & web pages.

I can see that it is possible to hide the modules based on section, page (wiki) etc but the problem I find is that because the homepage is set to articles, I can't have them show on the homepage and be hidden when entering the articles section.

For example the homepage page goes to /tiki-view_articles.php and the modules show, which is what I want. But when clicking on a link to the articles section which is /tiki-list_articles.php the modules show here too, which I don't want.

The best I have found is to set the module section option to "cms", however as mentioned above the modules will display in all webpages that are part of the article section.

Is there a way to specify that a module is only shown on a specific webpage such as /tiki-view_articles.php?

I am sure there must be a way but I just can't see it despite reading through the module documentation.


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Hi MarkO,
one way you could achieve this would be using the https://doc.tiki.org/PluginArticles
You could create a new page e.g. "News" and put this wikiplugin on that page. Then you can assign the modules only to that page by using the page parameter on the module instead of section.


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Thanks for the info Luci, that certainly seemed like a good solution.

Unfortunately, I have just tried this and cannot get it to work. I have created a wikipage called "wikiscreens" which contains the articles plugin. The content is displayed fine so the next step was to set this page as the home page.

After assigning Wiki as the home page in general settings (and Wiki home to Wikiscreens) I then used the Page parameter to assign the modules to that page only, unfortunately they are now gone from every page including the home page.

I noticed that the homepage URL was just showing tiki-index.php in the address bar, so I set the home page to a custom URL of tiki-index.php?page=Wikiscreens which shows the correct Wikipage (and this URL in the address bar) but again, this is still missing the modules.

In each module I have the "page" parameter set to page=Wikiscreens.

As I test I set "no page" to page=Wikiscreens on a single module, this resulted in the module being displayed on every page. So it looks like these options aren't working or I am still not setting it correctly?

Any idea's?

Many thanks

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Not quite sure what I have done differently to when I first tried it but it's now all working!

Thanks very much for your help.

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Maybe it just needed Tiki cache cleared. Glad it works for you now.