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Default Admin Menu on Left Not Visible

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Tiki Release: 12.14
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This is a draft site in the early stages.

I believe I accidentally "unassigned" the default admin menu which normally displays on the left after I log in as an admin. In any case, I did something, and I no longer see this menu after I log in.

That menu includes the List Pages module, among others. Now I can't see the List pages module anywhere. tiki-admin.php > Plugins tab > List Pages plugin is enabled. But that is only one of the features I can't see.

How can I restore that admin menu? It would help to know the name of the menu, too.

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Hi Dave, to re-assign the menu go to Modules and add the "Menu" module where you choose ID 42 (that is the ID of the main system menu).


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Thanks. Luci! That did the trick.

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Hello Dave,

Tiki Release: 12.14 ... This is a draft site in the early stages.

I strongly encourage you to start with Tiki18 and not with Tiki12.
Tiki 12 is not supported since 2016 and reach end life this month (11/2018).

It doesn’t make sense to start a website with a branch that is not supported and was started in 2013. :-)

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I understand your concern about back revs. We know that Tiki12 support runs out on 2018-11-30. We installed this version as a temporary measure. Our web server does not currently support a PHP version appropriate for higher version of TikiWiki. We'll update when we can.