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Re: Tracker List Image Display Params Have No Effect

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Gents, along these same lines or issue, I would like to now display an image full size in the display page created by the tracker item.

So I am now uploading images or attaching images from a gallery, into a tracker field, then the image is being displayed within it's own page, but I cannot seem to get the image to display full size or at least larger. I have tried the Display Parameter in the Files field for the tracker.
If you have the time, please see my .tpl for the display page:

The .info for the tracker fields:

The .form for the user interface:

Here is one page created by my tracker to create a page for a file:

The image of the chair I would like to display full size, but the display params in the tracker field "file" do not seem to be having any effect, and I know it's because I am using it incorrectly based on this original topic.

Any help is greatly appreciated.