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How to use categories for coloring in TrackerCalendar

posts: 24 Germany

I am providing a complex calendar based on a tracker with a category field to control access rights and an additional textfield for coloring. I would like to use the category field for coloring to simplify entering new items, but I failed specifying categories in the colormap.

I tried several variants such as
TRACKERCALENDAR (... coloring="calCatField" colormap="41,#FFFF80|42,#44FF80|43,#AAAAAA" ...

Has somebody already succeeded using the correct notation or is there a limitation that categories are not supported for colormaps?

posts: 24 Germany

thank you very much for the quick answer.
Since users have to specify a category, I can only offer them a simplification by removing the extra field for the color and controlling the color via the category. I am already using some CSS in the Look and Feel configuration for header levels, but no idea how to apply a style to a calendar entry depending on its category.
For the parameter colormap I have tried several variants in vain like: Category-id, Category-name, top::parent:category-name, categories(19) etc...

posts: 24 Germany

The domo site with my trackercalendar example is still actice:


I added there a new section with
Color by Category name
and an other section with
Color by Category id

posts: 3604 United States

I'm using the colormap option successfully on my tracker calendar at https://keycontent.org

I'm using a regular dropdown selector (not the category field) and simply have the option name and its color:

colormap="United States,#ff5733|Africa,#f6ff33|Asia,#90FF33|...

I would try using only the category name — not the ID or path.


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