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Where can I find a list of websites build with tiki wiki... so I can use them as a reference of what can be done... I am talking about websites expect those here: https://tiki.org/Featured+Tikis
Thank you!

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Here are some websites that caught my eye by searching through Luci's google url.

There are so many more if you go through that search. I think our featured wiki page here on tiki.org should be more populated with tiki examples from different types of websites, I see the featured wiki page focuses on appearance, sure that is important, but there are a couple tiki12 sites ( here is one Viginia Tech College of Engineering ) in the links I listed above that should be noticed for their depth of content and could be used as an example of how tiki handles that content.
Also keep in mind wiki's by default are not glamorous, they are typically information portals focused on content rather than appearance, and there are many tiki's that can be featured for that purpose instead of appearance and theming.

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Serio, here is an older page with tiki sites listed, many are dead but there are a few in there you can see built on earlier versions of tiki but are still relevant for their content.
Be careful though, some have moved to a different CMS so what you see may not be tiki.