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How to use "Contact us" feature? Activated - and now?

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Hi FootlooseTraveller again

Nice, well done!


FootlooseTraveller wrote:
{TRACKER(trackerId="2" fields="6:7" action="Senden" showtitle="y" showdesc="y" email="6|FootlooseTraveller|wiki:Kontakt EMail tpl")}{REMARKSBOX(type="confirm" title="Nachricht erfolgreich versendet")}Antwortadresse: {trackeritemfield trackerId="2" fieldId="6"} Nachricht: {trackeritemfield trackerId="2" fieldId="7"}{REMARKSBOX}{TRACKER}

Checking the code in lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_trackeritemfield.php (i would usually use plugin list for this, but this should also work) it looks like the itemId either has to be on the URL request, or set in an itemId parameter.

So i think you'll need to move the response message to a new page, and set the url param on the tracker plugin to My-response-page?itemId (and itemId gets replaces with itemId=42 or whatever the itemId for the new one is)